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Rex Waugh

Arapahoe, CO

  • 2,000 acres dryland farmground
  • Wheat and Corn
  • +10 bu/acre on wheat

Fertilizer Flexibility
I think the foliar feed products give you an advantage in flexibility, plus there’s an economic advantage.  Obviously, if you can find a product that you can put on this late and still feel you’ll get a benefit from it, then it does give you flexibility. There are some benefits to a product that you can put on that late in the season.  First of all, you can find out what your moisture conditions are.  Secondly, you don’t have to pay for that product until you’ve got the wheat in the bin, which is a great advantage for a farmer.

The Value of Kugler Quality
I have used competitive products that were supposed to be foliar feed products that actually burned my corn up; so I haven’t had that happen with Kugler, and I don’t expect it to.  I think all of their products are great products…the way Kugler formulates their products will give you an advantage in that you’re going to meet more of the plant needs to help the plant through stress.

Fertilizer Management
I think one of the things we’re doing with fertilizer is we’re trying to limit the stress on a plant, keep disease stress down; and we’re facing more disease stress right along; the more needs of that plant that you’ve met, the less likely you are to have to go out and put on a fungicide or kill insects or something like that…I think, because of our no till type farming, where we’re saving more of our moisture, growing fewer weeds, we use our moisture for our crop instead of to grow weeds and other nonproductive things.  It’s allowing us the opportunity to use the new genetics and the new fertilizers that Kugler offers, like XRN.

LS924 on Wheat
I used the 924 on my wheat this fall.  The most difficult thing for me to apply is phosphate…so the starter at least allows me to get some phosphate on right there when the plant will be able to use it to build roots and to get a good start.  It’s a good program. The wheat starts faster, looks healthier, grows faster, roots faster.  I really do believe that it pays.

Working with Kugler
One of the things that I’ve liked about Kugler is they’re honest and straight up, and I like to deal with people that are going to be honest with me—and I don’t have to worry about them trying to get something by me.  I don’t like to waste my time trying to figure out if I’m being lied to…Beyond that, I’ve found the products to be everything they say they are.