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  • Soybeans:
    +5-10 bu/acre
  • Corn:
    +10-30 bu/acre

Ryan Mullenhoff

Kugler Dealer, RMS, LLC
Leigh, Nebraska

Performance, quality, ease of use—and the yield results.  When you plant, there is no plugging.  Kugler products don’t corrode your equipment and they are easy to handle.

I did test plots in my own field with dry 11-52-0 versus Kugler LS1515 side by side.  There was a 13 bushel difference—and that got the attention of a lot of growers around this area.  We’re seeing 5 to 10 bushels on soybeans and anywhere from 10 to 30 bushels on corn.

A Total Fertility Program
I like the in-furrow with either 1515-2 on the lighter soils or the 924-3 on corn in heavier soils.  We apply at a rate of three to four gallons.  Then we come back with KQ-XRN with Roundup® at one gallon—and then possible one more gallon of KQ-XRN aerial applied.  I like 1515 because it has KQ-XRN in it—the only one on the market made this way.  It doesn’t leach.   Both fertilizers are low salt so it doesn’t burn the seed, so you’re not going to damage your germination or plant stand.

Kugler KQ-XRN
Last year we saw a lot of leaching from excess rain at the beginning of the year—and we had zero rain in August, with no irrigation in our area.  Kugler KQ-XRN just carried the plants through the stresses.  When you apply KQ-XRN, the plant just turns into this super high-gloss plant.  The whole field looks that way—and you can come back 72 hours later and still see signs of XRN going into the plant.  If it’s carrying glyphosates, it’s carrying those into the plant.  Instead of trying to get into that plant within the first three hours, the time is extended.

Fertility Flexibility
With Kugler fertilizers, you can feed the plant when it needs it.  You can’t just feed the plant one time a year and expect to have 200 bushel corn. When a person goes to a buffet, you can’t eat everything there and expect it to last you the entire year.  We all want to go for the higher yields, but you can’t just do it by dumping extra fertilizer out one time a year.

We’re putting MicroMax in furrow with soybeans and corn—and then on the second pass with the glyphosate and XRN.  When they inserted the Roundup® trait on soybeans, the crop lost its ability to use manganese.  If you just spray Roundup, the beans would go into a flash and get stunted.  They just sit there and don’t do much. MicroMax helps carry them through it.  It’s pretty cool; you put it on side by side and you see a difference.

Working with Kugler Company
I like working with an independent, family-owned company.  When you need to talk with someone, you don’t have to work through a lot of layers.  Kugler makes these products.  It’s their name on the line, not some big corporation.  So there’s a lot more involvement from the company as far as quality, because they know what’s at stake.