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  • Farms 2300 acres
  • Wheat: +4-5 bu/acre
  • Milo: +12-15 bu/acre
  • Soybeans: +3-7 bu/acre

Lynn Cooper

Osborne, KS

“I started using Kugler because it’s a convenient product that doesn’t rust up my equipment—and I’ve had good results with it.”

I use four or five gallons of Kugler LS942 as I plant.  In spring, I apply about 10 gallons of Kugler KQ 342C and a gallon of KQ-KRN as I topdress and apply chemicals. The XRN helps the chemicals absorb into the plant better and with a little nitrogen kick, too.  We probably see a four to six bushel increase in yield.

I apply Kugler LS924 as I plant.  Then when we spray Roundup®, we add a quart of Micromax and a gallon of XRN. The Micromax gives a little more magnesium and gives the plant’s health a boost. The XRN greens things up right away and you see the signs of the stickiness of the product. We get three to seven bushels more with this program.

Kugler Quality
Kugler works really well because it’s low salt and non-corrosive on the equipment. It’s a good quality product and doesn’t plug up the nozzles or orifices. If you’re not stopping to unplug things, you’re getting things done.

XRN with Herbicides
Adding KQ-XRN to a herbicide program helps the chemical stick to the weeds better and absorb, so you can get by with less chemical if you add XRN.