What Growers Are Saying

Mason Hansen "You can't find a product that's easier on the equipment..."
Mason Hansen •  Cope, CO  • Read Testimonial  • YouTube View Video
Dean Oliver "KQ-XRN is not just a fertilizer..."
Dean Oliver •  Osborne, KS  • Read Testimonial  • YouTube View Video
Steve Peterson "KQ-XRN just kind of brightens up the crop..."
Steve Peterson •  Lebanon, KS  • Read Testimonial  • YouTube View Video
Lynn Cooper "It doesn't plug up the nozzles or orifices..."
Lynn Cooper •  Osborne, KS  • Read Testimonial  • YouTube View Video
Raymond Schneider "I never dreamed of yields like that..."
Raymond Schneider •  Covert, KS  • Read Testimonial  • YouTube View Video
David Carlgren "We had a 20 bushel increase on corn..."
David Carlgren •  Concordia, KS  • Read Testimonial  • YouTube View Video
Dan Nelsen "A healthier plant...and more pod development.."
Dan Nelsen •  Moorefield, NE  • Read Testimonial  • YouTube View Video
Terry Long "Whenever I spray any chemicals at all, I use Kugler KQ-XRN with it."
Terry Long •  Lebanon, KS  • Read Testimonial  • YouTube View Video
Gary Belohrad "We saw a lot of yellow corn in our part of the country. But our corn stayed green all year long..."
Gary Belohrad •  Leigh, NE  • Read Testimonial
Ryan Mullenhoff "Glyphosates stay on the job longer..."
Ryan Mullenhoff •  Leigh, NE  • Read Testimonial
Rex Waugh "Kugler formulations give you an advantage..."
Rex Waugh •  Arapahoe, CO  • Read Testimonial  • YouTube View Video