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  • 1400 acres corn, soybeans, wheat and alfafa: 5-10% yield bump

David Carlgren

Concordia, KS

Kugler KQ-XRN
I’ve used other fertilizers, and I’ll take XRN any day over the others. The first year I used KQ-XRN, we had a 20 bushel increase (on corn).  Other fertilizers burn the tassels.  You can put it on late and it won’t hurt your corn.

I’ve put it on wheat through the pivot.  You could see right to the line where the pivot went—and if you looked in the combine, you could see a difference, too.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 bushel extra.

We use is it every time we spray Roundup® on beans—about a gallon per acre.  You can put it on at blooming time and it’s not going to hurt anything.  I had a lot of compliments on my beans this year.

I like it for a carrier with the herbicides because it stays put.  It doesn’t blow away and doesn’t drift.  I tell people you don’t need foamers or markers on your sprayer because you can see where you’ve been because of the way the crop shines.

Kugler KQ-XRN Through the Pivot
I think it’s real good through the pivot because you don’t have the salt like you have in 28 or 32.  I like the foliar because you can adjust to want your plant needs.  The plant takes it up when it needs it.  That’s why I like it.

Kugler Starters
I’m going to start using Kugler in row at planting time for a low salt starter, below the seed.  A guy from Kugler showed me a way it would work well with my planter, so I’m going to do that next year.