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  • 12,000 acres of pasture and cropland
  • Corn: +3-5 bu/acre
  • Soybeans: +3-5 bu/acre

Dean Oliver

Branch Manager, Midway Cooperative
Osborne, KS

“We’ve been with Kugler for 12 to 13 years—and we’ve just grown accustomed to their recommendations and the ease of the product.  They do a real good job.”

Kugler KQ-XRN: The Perfect Delivery System™
We’ve been using XRN for about five years and we’re finding more uses for it all the time.  Our farmers are finding that it’s improving their herbicide results.  It has its sticky characteristics plus it’s a slow release—so when that herbicide ties into the molecule of the fertilizer itself, you get a better kill on weeds that may be hardened off in dry weather.  And because it’s a heavier product, you have fewer concerns about drift in windier conditions.

Kugler Starters
We’re using a lot of Kugler low salt starter.  One of our favorites is LS 924.  Most of our producers are using in-row placement.   It can also be applied foliar because it’s low salt and doesn’t burn the plant.  We’re doing a lot of applications on soybeans with LS 924 mixed with XRN—and we’re seeing 10 to 12 bushel increases.

Kugler KQ342C
This is a nitrogen product with sulfur and zinc—plus chloride.  In our country, the chloride helps address rust issues and fungus.

A couple of years ago, one of our customers was planting soybeans using LS 924 with some MicroMax—and he ran out of fertilizer with about two passes left.  About three weeks after the soybeans were up, he sprayed them with glyphosate—and a few days later, there was a yellow streak at the end of the field. Turns out that without the manganese from the MicroMax, the beans couldn’t metabolize the chemical. The rest of field looked beautiful.