Field Results


Corn Recommended Rates

Soil: Apply 3 gal/ac in-furrow with the seed
Foliar: Apply 2 gal/ac from 3- to 5-leaf stage; and again at 8- to 12-leaf stage alone or with a pesticide.

When you’re investing big money into bags of triple-stacked corn, you want it to perform at its best. By adding Kugler KQ-XRN®, you can successfully match your fertility program to your other management practices to get the most out of your corn crop. By providing nitrogen at key growth stages, you can help your corn hybrids maximize their yield potential.

Corn yields have indicated at eight to ten bushel per acre increase per gallon of KQ-XRN used.

Kugler KQ-XRN

22 bu/acre

over check
Average of 4 years test plot data from 4 states (all treatments)

Kugler KS1515

16.5 bu/acre

(with KQ-XRN Technology) over check
Average of 4 years test plot data from 4 states (all treatments)

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On dryland corn, 80 to 100 lbs of N per acre are typically applied. With Kugler KQ-XRN, you can apply the low end of that range (80 lb.) and then, if moisture arrives, add KQ-XRN with your herbicide.

Corn before KQ-XRN application Corn 10 days after KQ-XRN application

Kugler KQ-XRN is also perfect for use on soybeans, wheat, sorghum, vegetables, ornamentals and turf. It’s a high-quality, versatile fertilizer that makes sense in a wide range of applications throughout a plant’s growing season.

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Two gallons of KQ-XRN on corn with herbicide resulted in optimum weed kill and robust corn.