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Superior potassium and sulfur—with the powerful boost of Kugler KQ-XRN.

Kugler KS 2075 is a chloride-free, safe and efficient source of K and S to address specific nutrient needs in your crop.  You can apply KS 2075 in the soil, as a foliar spray or injected through an irrigation system.  Kugler KS 2075 mixes readily with insecticides and herbicides, allowing you to save time and labor by making just one pass through the field.

A great weather beater
Applying Kugler KS 2075 late in the season is a great way to boot nitrogen at mid- and late season growth stages.  This is especially important when your crops are waterlogged due to excessive rains—or damaged by wind or hail.  Apply it with crop protection chemicals to take advantage of KQ-XRN’s sticking power—and add some Kugler MicroMax to provide a full serving of essential nutrients.

KS2075 Corn Foliar Results

July 6, 2010

Yellowing corn prior to application of KS 2075

July 13, 2010

Robust green corn (no yellowing) one week after appplication of 2 gal/acre of Kugler KS 2075.