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Season-long plant health starts in the furrow.

Good results at harvest begin with planting.  In-furrow placement of Kugler low salt starters gives your plants a fast start without damaging the seed—promoting strong root development and providing critical nutrients for a healthier plant from the get-go.  Kugler quality means that you won’t experience plugging and salt-out problems—an important consideration when using smaller orifices at planting.

Irrigated Trials by Irrigation Research Foundation
Sugar Beets Corn

+8.1 tons/ac

vs. check

3 gal/ac LS924
applied in-furrow with
1 qt/ac KH2412

+15 bushel/ac

vs. check

3 gal/ac LS924
applied in-furrow with
1 qt/ac HF2412 +1 pt/ac Micro Max

LS 924: High Phosphorus Low Salt Starter
The combination of high phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen helps seeds overcome cool soil temperatures that are typical in the early growing season.  This seed-safe formulation stimulates early root development and nutrient uptake that increases fertilizer efficiency and season-long plant health.

KS 156: Low Salt Starter with KQ-XRN

KS156 contains a balanced blend of phosphate and potassium with quick, slow release nitrogen.  It’s a perfect choice for helping your crop get up and growing fast or anytime during your crop’s development when a supplementary boost of nutrients is needed.

The slow release nitrogen component of Kugler KS156 helps reduce leaching and volatilization of nitrogen.  It keeps this essential nutrient in place–staying on the job for up to six weeks.  This means your crop gets the quick boost of nutrients it needs and sustained nitrogen availability for improved performance.

Great stands—I’m happy with this fertilizer.
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“On our corn, we used three gallons at planting.  We had too much rain in June and you saw a lot of yellow corn in our part of the country.  And a lot of guys were unhappy with their yields. But our corn stayed green all year long.  I think I had better corn; our average yield was 172—and 54.5 on beans.  Great stands—and I was just happy with this fertilizer and I’m going to keep up with it.”

Gary Belohrad
Leigh, NE