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Changing fertility to optimize today’s genetics.

New genetics are having a dramatic effect on yields, grain quality and the ability of plants to resist threats.  At the same time, new genetics are changing the way plants absorb and utilize nutrients—and that demands a new approach to fertility in order to optimize yield potential.

Kugler micronutrient fertilizers—especially when combined with other Kugler fertilizers—give your crop the complete nutrition it needs to get the most out of the new genetics.

Kugler KS MicroMax
Copper • Iron • Manganese • Zinc • Boron

A powerful package of key micronutrients that provides essentials for photosynthesis, cell wall formation, and enzyme action.   Apply in the soil or foliar to maximize crop health at key growth stages.  Combine with Kugler low-salt starters in furrow at planting—or with Kugler KQ-XRN throughout the growing season to ensure optimum plant health and performance.

Kugler KF Mn192
Manganese • Kugler KQ-XRN Slow Release Nitrogen

The gene that makes a plant resistant to glyphosates adversely affects the plant’s ability to extract manganese from the soil.  Low manganese compromises plant health and yields.  KF Mn192 from Kugler combines high quality manganese with KQ-XRN slow release nitrogen—providing essential Mn with a boost of N—and the adhesive quality of KQ-XRN keeps the glyphosate on the weeds longer, improving your kill rate.

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“The Roundup® beans really need some manganese and that ’s what I’m really going for with Kugler MicroMax. I’m trying to get as much early plant health as possible. The healthier you keep those plants, the more they are going to produce.”

Terry Long, Lebanon, KS