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  • 12,000 acres of pasture and cropland
  • Corn: +3-5 bu/acre
  • Soybeans: +3-5 bu/acre

Steve Peterson

Lebanon, KS

“In this day and age, you can’t afford to make errors. Using a product that is proven and easy to use like Kugler fertilizers, it sure makes a difference.”

Using Kugler XRN
The results are phenomenal with the kill you get on the weeds and then you also get the benefit of the fertilizer that goes onto the corn.  When you spray on XRN, it adheres to it and it’s not going to rinse off in a rain like a chemical that’s mixed with water.  I’ve finished fields when it’s drizzling and still had results, which is amazing.  When we add XRN, it just kind of brightens up the crop.

Using the Broad Range of Kugler fertilizers
This is the first year we’ve used MicroMax.  We’ve even used in on our wheat mixed with our startup fertilizer.  We use it on our corn and our soybeans both.  We use KQ342 and KQ342C.  We use KQ555™ and 1516.  It just depends on what our samples tell us—and then we make our fertilizer program to those specifications.

Kugler Service
The thing that sells me is the service and support we get.  When we were experimenting with some custom blends, the Kugler technicians started doing the same things in their plant to make sure it would work.   They advised us on setting up the planter for in-row applications.

When we spray Roundup®, we use XRN in foliar application.  We analyze our moisture situation and we’re we are in the growing season.  For example, if we put 50 pounds down in-row on the corn—and maybe it actually required 70—and our moisture situation is good, we’ll put enough of the XRN on to obtain our yield goal.

Low Salt Starters
The low salt starters from Kugler are very beneficial.  The non-corrosiveness is important as well in terms of the life of our machines.  We use a variety of Kugler starters depending on our soil tests.