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  • Corn:
    +10-12 bu/acre
  • Soybeans:
    +6-8 bu/acre

Terry Long

Lebanon, KS

“Whenever I spray any chemicals at all, I use Kugler KQ-XRN with it.”

Using Kugler Micromax
The Roundup® beans really need some manganese and that ’s what I’m really going for. I’m trying to get as much early plant health as possible. The healthier you keep those plants, the more they are going to produce.

XRN Throughout the Season
When the corn is knee-high, we go back in with Roundup® and a half-gallon of XRN to give it a boost. We hit it again when the crop is waist-high. Then if I can, we get over it again just before tassel with two gallons of XRN to really give it a boost when it pollinates.

XRN with Herbicides
The biggest flexibility factor I’ve seen is in the herbicide application. If you are using a herbicide that has any volatility at all, the XRN is going to stick to that plant. It’s going to hold that chemical right there. If you’re using a fungicide, you’re going to get longer results out of that chemical. I’m not so much after the nitrogen boost as I am trying to kill weeds. It just an added bonus to my program..

Kugler Starters
I’ve had very good luck with the starter. We’re using a lot of Kugler LS924 starter in-row on the corn, seeing a yield bump of 10 to 12 bushels quite often. I’m placing that starter underneath the seed right as I plant…enough to get them started, get them up and healthy.

Kugler Quality
The quality is what brought me to Kugler products. We were having some flowability issues with screens plugging—and we have a lot less trouble using Kugler fertilizers. They’re very good quality products.