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The Perfect Delivery System


When you use Kugler KQ-XRN® in foliar application, you fertilize the crop—not the soil.

Research has found that foliar feeding maintains a better overall nutrient balance in the plant that may not be achieved through soil uptake alone. The ability for a plant to extract and distribute nutrients through the root system depends on a number of factors including root distribution, soil temperature, soil moisture and soil-nutrient imbalance.

With Kugler KQ-XRN, you can circumvent the root system and apply slow release nitrogen directly to the leaves where they can be easily and steadily absorbed over the long term—and with less energy.

Kugler KQ-XRN coats the leaves and penetrates the waxy layer of leaf tissue—providing a readily available source of N that the plant takes up, stores and uses during critical stages of growth. Its unique adhesion qualities keep Kugler KQ-XRN on the leaf surface for weeks. And when combined with crop protection products such as glyophosates, the “stickiness” of KQ-XRN keeps the chemical on the weed leaves longer—helping you get maximum weed control and kill, while you give your crop a fertility boost.

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Kugler formulations give you an advantage…
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“I have used competitive products that were supposed to be foliar feed products that actually burned my corn up; but I haven’t had that happen with Kugler, and I don’t expect it to. I think all of their products are great products…the way Kugler formulates their products will give you an advantage in that you’re going to meet more of the plant needs to help the plant through stress.”

Rex Waugh
Arapahoe, CO