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Why Kugler KQ-XRN


Kugler KQ-XRN® is a clear liquid nitrogen formulation (28-0-0) with 72% slow release nitrogen. Our proprietary manufacturing process results in an unmatched fertilizer that reliably feeds the plant—and helps the plant conserve energy by keeping N readily available over the long term.KQ-XRN releases nitrogen through the combined effects of heat, hydrolysis, microbial activity and UV radiation. As this process takes place, nitrogen is released to the plant over a period of 35 days on the leaf surface and up to 8 to 10 weeks in the soil. Plants absorb and store the N from KQ-XRN—and then use it as needed over time, providing the full benefit of the applied rate.

Kugler KQ-XRN delivers high quality nitrogen from furrow to foliar, with reduced leaching and reduced volatilization—keeping essential N in place and available to your plant.  The result:  Dramatic improvement in plant health all season long—increasing stress tolerance and optimizing yield performance.

Kugler manufactures slow release nitrogen using processes that nobody else uses—or has even figured out.  This proprietary approach truly makes Kugler KQ-XRN one of a kind in the marketplace—and in your field.

When you use Kugler KQ-XRN in conjunction with other Kugler fertilizers, such as low salt starters or micronutrients, you have a complete fertilizer package that provides optimum nutrition for your plants throughout the growing season.

The ultimate in fertility flexibility

Kugler KQ-XRN can be soil-applied or foliar-applied as part of a season-long fertility program. With KQ-XRN, you can time your nitrogen applications to coincide with plant development and demand—delivering essential nutrients over a longer period of time and at critical growth stages to optimize yields.

Reduced plant stress

When Kugler KQ-XRN is foliar applied, nutrients circumvent the root system and penetrate directly into the leaf. This reduces the amount of energy required to take up nutrients and improves the plant’s ability to withstand stress.

Stays put for weeks

The unique “stickiness” characteristics of Kugler KQ-XRN keep nutrients on the leaves for up to twelve weeks!  KQ-XRN coats the leaf tissue and stays there—allowing the plant to easily absorb nitrogen over time.   KQ-XRN is also the Perfect Delivery System™ for crop protection chemicals including glyphosates and fungicides.  KQ-XRN mixes well with these products—and the adhesion qualities keep the chemicals on the job longer, resulting in a better return on your input investment.

Non-burning formulation

Kugler KQ-XRN has a low salt index (24) and is especially formulated to eliminate burning and phytotoxicity, even at high application rates. Leaves stay strong and healthy, allowing for even greater uptake of nutrients and better plant performance.

Less leaching and volatilization

With Kugler KQ-XRN, essential nutrients stay in place and available to the plants. Less nitrogen is lost and that means greater fertilizer efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Crop-safe formulation is perfect for foliar application—with no burn!