Why Kugler KQ-XRN


The formulations of copycat products rely on polymers and resins that, under cold temperature conditions, essentially turn to plastic—gumming up application equipment.  That’s when Kugler’s fertilizer expertise really makes a difference.

Kugler KQ-XRN® is manufactured using our proprietary technology and decades of fertilizer experience.  We don’t just sell KQ-XRN.  We make it.

As a result, Kugler KQ-XRN is of unmatched quality.  So you can apply it at lower temperatures than other copycat products.  Adding KQ-XRN to your standard N fertility program opens the window wider in terms of your application calendar.  You can fertilize earlier—helping your plants get a jump-start on growth.  And the low salt index in KQ-XRN makes it perfect as a starter fertilizer.

It doesn’t plug up nozzles or orifices. Read More

“Kugler works really well because it’s low salt and non-corrosive on the equipment. It’s a good quality product and doesn’t plug up the
nozzles or orifices. If you’re not stopping to unplug things, you’re getting things done.”

Lynn Cooper
Osborne, KS